An all-in-one generative film platform!

PLUS: Klarna's AI chatbot replaces 700 employees

Happy Friday!

Advances were made in the world of generative AI this week with the unveiling of a text-to-video game model and the introduction of an all-in-one generative film platform. Companies such as Klarna are also starting to see an uptick in their bottom line by leveraging the power of AI.

  • Is text-to-video-game the next big thing?

  • Finally, an ALL-IN-ONE generative film platform!

  • Klarna’s AI chatbot replaces 700 employees

  • The robotics revolution is ramping up

Image source: Google Deepmind

Overview: Google’s DeepMind introduces Genie, an AI model that generates Super Mario-like games from scratch using visual inputs, offering potential applications in game development and robot training.

Key Takeaways:

  • Genie creates playable 2D platformer games from descriptions, sketches, or photos, running at one frame per second.

  • It was trained on 30,000 hours of video from various platform games, learning to associate actions with visual changes without needing tagged input actions.

  • Unlike previous models, Genie generates game frames in real-time based on player actions, with future versions expected to achieve normal game speeds.

  • The model incorporates typical platformer visual effects, like parallax, demonstrating an understanding of game aesthetics.

  • While currently an in-house project, Genie hints at future tools for creative game-making and has implications for robotics by learning from video data.

Image source: Morph Studio

Overview: Morph Studio introduces an AI-powered filmmaking platform, leveraging Stability AI's technology, to enable creators to produce films from text prompts, streamlining the traditional filmmaking process into a continuous, AI-driven workflow.

Key Takeaways:

  • The platform allows users to generate, edit, and combine video clips into a narrative directly from text prompts solving the problem of having to use multiple tools to create an AI film.

  • Morph Studio emphasizes a unified workflow for filming, editing, and post-production, transforming these traditionally separate steps into a cohesive process facilitated by AI.

  • The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding and is exploring community-driven content creation to meet the needs of creators.

Image source: Klarna

Overview: Klarna's AI assistant, powered by OpenAI, handled two-thirds of customer service chats in its first month, demonstrating the real-world impact that AI can have on a company’s bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • The AI assistant handled 2.3 million conversations, equivalent to the workload of 700 full-time agents.

  • Customer satisfaction scores were on par with human agents and reduced repeat inquiries by 25%.

  • The average resolution time for customer inquiries were reduced from 11 minutes to under 2 minutes.

  • Klarna projects the AI assistant to contribute $40 million USD in profit improvement in 2024.

Image source: Figure

Overview: Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, and other tech giants invest in humanoid robot startup Figure AI, which is raising $675 million at a $2 billion valuation to develop robots capable of performing dangerous jobs and alleviating labor shortages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Figure AI Inc., supported by OpenAI, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, and Amazon, is developing human-like robots to address real-world tasks.

  • The startup's funding round aims to raise $675 million, valuing the company at approximately $2 billion pre-money, with significant investments from tech leaders and venture firms.

  • The investment round attracted a wide range of contributors, including venture capital firms and technology companies, indicating broad industry interest in AI and robotics.

  • This funding round marks a significant step for the AI robotics industry, which is seeing increased activity and investment in humanoid robot development.