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Publish Your own AI Generated Podcast (step by step)

In this post we break down step-by-step how to create and publish your own AI-generated podcast.

Podcasting has been one of the fastest-growing forms of media in recent years and new AI tools are making it easier than ever before to produce your own.

As an experiment, I created my own AI-generated podcast and in this post, I break down step-by-step exactly how I did that.

The name of the podcast is “Artificial Insights” and it’s a series of ongoing episodes that aim to inspire and educate people in the field of artificial intelligence.

Here is the link to the podcast if you would like to check it out yourself!

3 Steps to Creating an AI-generated Podcast

The process is relatively straightforward and consists of 3 main steps.

  1. Create a script using ChatGPT

  2. Clone your voice and generate audio

  3. Edit the audio and convert it into a single mp3 file

If you have any questions, just drop a comment on the YouTube channel!

1. Generating the Script Using ChatGPT

Create the Episode Premise

Please expand on this idea and write a brief paragraph in the form of a premise: [Podcast Episode Idea]

Create Episode Segments

The maximum text output of ChatGPT is roughly 4,000 characters which translates to about 600 words and 4 minutes of audio. To create a longer script you’ll need to prompt ChatGPT to write multiple segments one at a time.

Please write 3 podcast segment ideas for an episode based on this premise: [Podcast Premise]

Create the Episode Script

Act as a podcast scriptwriter. The scripts you create are fun, have a touch of humor, and are in the style of Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan. The name of the podcast is “Artificial Insights” and it’s hosted by Atlas, who aims to educate average people on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will have on society. This is a solo podcast, there are no interviews, and only one person talking. The scripts you create are optimistic and inspirational but also acknowledge a few potential downsides. Your task is to write a script for the next episode of the podcast based on the context provided below. The script will have an intro, 3 sections of content, and an outro. Start by only writing the intro then ask for permission and wait for permission to proceed before writing each of the 3 sections and the outro. You will fail at your task if you do not wait for confirmation to proceed before writing each of the 3 sections and outro.


[podcast episode premise]

(Section 1) [segment 1 idea]

(Section 2) [segment 2 idea]

(Section 3) [segment 3 idea]

Create the Episode Title

Please write 10 podcast episode title ideas for this script

2. Clone Your Voice and Generate Audio

Whether you clone your own voice or use a stock AI voice is up to you. In the production of “Artificial Inisghts”, I used llElevenLabs to generate the audio.

However, Play.ht is the voice generator used to produce the Joe Rogan & Steve Jobs interview.

Both have a great library of stock voices and have the ability to clone your own voice from a 30-second audio clip.

After deciding on a voice generator to use for your podcast, simply just copy and paste the text from ChatGPT into the voice generator.

3. AI-powered Audio & Video Editing

Most AI voice generators only create audio files that are a few minutes long so you’ll need to use an audio/video editor to create a seamless audio file if your episode is longer than a few minutes.

Descript has been my preferred audio editor lately because of its freemium plan and AI-powered features that automate the editing process.


Voila! Just like that, you’ve created your own AI-generated podcast.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing that I’ve discovered in this experiment is just how easy it has become to create content that’s curated and customized specifically to what you want to consume.

I wanted to learn about the economic opportunities in the field of AI and within just a few minutes I produced a podcast episode that spoke specifically on that subject.

Stay inspired my friends!